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We are a small and agile consultancy offering insight, strategy and implementation for companies who want to enter the Dutch market. Our strength lies in our ability to listen carefully and to understand the needs of our clients. We tailor our services and implementation to each client case matching them with local market insights.

Professionals of market-entry support

The company Trademill was established in the Netherlands in 2014 by the Finnish-Dutch internationalization expert Petra Wullings. Since the beginning, Trademill’s mission has been to support Finnish companies looking for market opportunities in the Netherlands.

Over the years we have helped over a hundred Finnish companies to gain market insight, build market-entry strategies, search for business partners and develop local businesses in the Netherlands. Every year we have also hosted thematic business delegations and we are regularly invited as speakers to internationalization trainings. Our hard work and commitment has gained Trademill a solid position within the network of internationalization professionals in Finland.

In 2020 Trademill operations moved from the Netherlands to Finland. Under its new name Trademill Finland, the company continues to serve its clients with the same professionalism and friendly attitude that have become our trademarks.

The office is currently run by Laura Dib, a senior market analyst with a solid background in academic research and Finnish-Dutch internationalization projects. With over a decade spent living and working in the Netherlands, Laura has built close ties with the country and her network spans a wide variety of experts and other professionals both in the Netherlands and in Finland.

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