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The Netherlands has proven to be an excellent test market for Finnish companies for fast market validation and for market entry. The Netherlands is close by, geographically and culturally: it is an advanced and developed market with an open attitude.

Did you know that The Netherlands is Finland’s fourth largest trading partner after Germany, Sweden and the US, and a bigger trading partner than China or Russia?

One of the richest nations in the world, the Netherlands has wealthy consumers and healthy industries. It is a leading European nation for Foreign Trade Investments with large number of international headquarters. The country is modern and innovative, with top level technology, R&I clusters and infrastructure. Due to its small size, the country is also geographically easy to cover.

Culturally, the Netherlands is “the most Nordic country of Central Europe”. Due to its highly skilled population, business acumen and English as a widely accepted business language, it is also an excellent stepping stone for the rest of Europe.

Finland has a good reputation in the Netherlands for high quality technology, innovation, design and education. This offers Finnish companies a good start to offer their products or services for the Dutch market.

The Dutch are known to give their feedback quickly. Their comments will help you to pinpoint the strengths on which you should focus for quick market entry, or alternatively, to reassess your chances and potentially retreat and put your stakes somewhere else. This will save you time and money.

With many years of experience doing business with the Dutch, Trademill Finland is your local guide to the Netherlands.

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